Hi, I am Lesley, a mother of two, and a grandmother of four amazing grandkids. Two adults, and two nine years old, twin boys. I adore them all.
   When my marriage ended, I returned to my original plans that I made before I met my husband. I went back to school and started my career in Healthcare. I have worked in facilities, and in community care also. My career has been over thirty years, and I found it very rewarding. I’ve loved helping and caring for my clients in many different capacities. Healthcare is essential service, so I have missed a lot of family gatherings, holidays, weekends, and have had to work shift work also. My kids have worked around my working Christmas year after year, and other holidays. They have been real troopers. I love my job! But now that I am over sixty it is time for me and my family. More time with them will be a blessing.
   I have spent many, many, years alone, so that means only one income, and only one saving for retirement. There really isnt much to save after the bills are paid. So, it has been challenging.
   For some time now, I have kept my eye out for something to supplement my income. One evening a link came up on my computer, I clicked on it, and I haven’t looked back! I was invited to watch a free webinar, where I was introduced to a business. I loved the energy of the people within the business, and the income they were making was crazy! The big thing to me was the short amount of time it took to grow their business. I also loved the idea of being a keeper of my own time! I was drawn to the webinars trying to learn all I could. About a week or two later I took the plunge. I started my own business with the guidance of a mentor. The people within the business have been so helpful as well. Any time I’ve had a question someone has been there to help me. I must admit, I really am not a techie, but they have had so much patience with me, I am very grateful for that. By coming along side of us we will teach you everything you need to know about your on-line business, and its 90% automated system.
  It is very appealing to me to think of sitting on a beach somewhere with my laptop doing a few hours of work, also making money while I sleep! My business will realize my dreams, and I will be ready financially for retirement! This is an exciting journey! I can’t wait to share more with you.
 Thanks so much for listening to my story.

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Lesley Graham